Serenity Relax

What is Serenity Relax?

Everyone should take their relaxation time seriously.  Just as seriously as you take your play, fit, rest and work time, so should you for relaxing.  So how do you do it? Relax? What is that right?!  In this busy world, sometimes we find it is hard to slow down.  That’s why there is a little liquid relaxation tool called Serenity Relax, formulated to help people unwind and relax.

So, just what is Serenity Relax? We are here to tell you all about this lovely concept.

Serenity Relax:  a liquid dietary supplement, formulated to help you tune down that busy little body and relax your worry, tension and stress out of your world. Its special combination of ingredients have been carefully formulated with relaxation in mind. When you consume Serenity relax, “relax relax relax” is all we can say will happen!

Every day, millions of people struggle to relax at the end of their busy days.  Unfortunately, many people are unable to find that happy relaxation spot because they can’t quite tune out the world and slow down.  Relaxing is a precious and more importantly, a necessary thing in our lives.  If we are unable to relax, our bodies are unable to reset, balance, cope, detox, heal, deal with stress and so much more.  Just like any other “machine”, our bodies need down time in order to keep running efficiently.

How to Relax you ask?
Here are some quick and easy relaxation tools:

  • Get your stretch on!  Stretch, bend and flex your hips, neck, legs and back
  • Meditate for 20 minutes (longer if you are able). “Om” your heart out.
  • Cooler temperatures equal a cool head.
  • Close your eyes. Take 10 deep breaths in a row, inhaling slowly through the nose and exhaling slowly out the mouth.
  • Do some yoga. Down dog your way to a Zen state.
  • Count down from 100 to zero backwards. Unwind your mind!
  • Drink a hot cup of herbal tea.
  • Read some poetry.
  • Go for a 15 minute walk and smile at every car that passes.

Mindful Relaxation: Serenity | Relax

Serenity Relax simply. Serenity allows you to mindfully plan your relaxation time.  After all, how many times have you likely said, “I just need some down time, I just need to chill out and do nothing for the rest of the night.” ? Typically, that’s when you might reach for a beer or a glass of wine.  Why not abstain from the alcohol and take the Serenity Relax challenge today?

We invite you to sit back, crack open an ice cold Serenity and enjoy the pleasant, relaxing effects it will give you.

Reach for Serenity when your body is screaming, “Hey! It’s time to relax!”.  We got you covered!

Serenity Relax



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