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Why Stem Cell Nutrition is the Future

Cellular Rejuvenation

When you think about how far we have come in medicine in the last century, it’s pretty impressive.  We know a lot about the human body these days.  And, while there is still so much more to learn, many discoveries relating to stem cells have triggered a new way of thinking. The thought that our bodies have the potential to keep rejuvenating into our “golden years” is pretty cool. That stem cell nutrition is a part of this?  Even cooler.  That there are possibilities for neural stem cell supplements, even cardiac, liver? Wow!  This stuff is fascinating! Let’s take a look at why stem cell nutrition is the future of healthy human aging.

Discovering effective ways to Rejuvenate our Cellular Structure

As our society gets smarter in the medicine world, each generation gets to take advantage of what the previous generations discovered.  Just over a century ago in 1909, a Russian scientist named Alexander Maximov published a summary of his research on stem cells. He announced his unitarian theory of hematopoiesis(blood stem cells).  Because of his discovery and life work, leaps and bounds of progress have been made in this field; today, the medical world can offer people stem cell therapies and procedures with bone marrow transplants.  In countries outside of the United States, facilities offer dual stem cell therapies.  They have helped repair traumatic injuries, reduced dementia symptoms, repaired otherwise destroyed body tissue such as knee, hip, back, and neck tissues and so much more.

So, what does this have to do with stem cell nutrition?  Well, here is a great example of how advances in science are saving lives today.  Prior to 1956, if a person suffered a heart attack, he/she likely died.  That’s because something called CPR had not been officially invented. Now, thanks to the hard work of James Elam and Peter Safar, the inventors of CPR, to date, more than 92,000 lives have been saved because of CPR. Moreover, progress in cardiac studies has now made heart transplants, bypasses, and many other cardiac conditions less serious procedures.  Curious about the history CPR? Read more here.

Can Stem Cell Nutrition cure Alzheimer’s?

Could we apply the same “scientific advances” concept for the stem cell world? Quite possibly! As scientists continue to study and comprehend intricate and complicated details about different types of stem cells, their studies and discoveries provide the nutritive world priceless information to develop super targeted and accurate supplements.  In addition, new and exciting discoveries are being made in the natural supplement world.  As science discovers different ways to surgically help the brain from dementia diseases or TBI(traumatic brain injury) or other brain injuries/diseases, eventually, we will be able to repair the brain and damaged tissue without surgery, through neural stem cell supplements, therapy, and nutrition.

The Possibility of Neural Stem Cell Supplements

Stem Cell Supplements, Stem Cells, neuronal stem cells, cardiac stem cells, neural stem cell supplements, stem cell nutritionOutside of the United States, clinical trials for dual stem cell therapies for brain health are under way. The intent: to discover ways to stop and even heal, the progression of people suffering from Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Perhaps you are concerned about Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. Yet, through scientific advancements, in the next decade, it is very likely there will be a brain/neural stem cell supplement that will diminish, even eliminate the crippling symptoms of Alzheimer’s.  And, supplements have been developed to help reduce the brain of Amyloid Beta-protein( or Abeta) build up, a highly suspected culprit of dementia progression.*

Next up: Tau protein health!  Give it another decade! Just think: gone will be those foggy headed seniors.  We will have healthy centenarians with sharp minds and healthy organs running about, jogging, doing yoga, doing their own errands and living their golden years with vibrancy and full of energy.  Did you know that Alzheimer’s alone affects more than 5 million Americans?  Think of it this way, some people thought that landing on the moon was impossible…and look how far we have come! Satellites and space ships are a reality for our world. And so as technology advances on every level, so will our nutritive technology.

What is the Future of Stem Cell Nutrition?

Stem cell nutrition will become integrated into our society’s daily health routines. And, we will heal our bodies and maintain our cellular structures through healthy diet and nutrition. Therefore, the sooner you get on board with stem cell nutrition, the longer you will have been integrating healthy into your body. And, the longer you will have been practicing what everyone else will just be starting! The bottom line is this: the longer your body will be getting extra support and love the better your odds are for becoming a healthy centenarian.

Getting on Board with Stem Cell Supplements

brain stem cells, stem cell supplements, neural stem cells, brain memory supplements, brain stem cell supplementsYou can start implementing stem cell nutrition today. What can you expect when you add stem cell nutrition into your health program?  Read about it here.  We have a great selection of both brain boosting, anti-aging, neural stem cell supplements. Feel free to browse our selections.  Remember, change starts with the courage to act. So get on board and start your own body wellness revolution!