Cordyceps Sinensis Extract


Cordyceps sinensis
Tonifies(Cleanses*) the kidneys, heart, and lungs
Increases cellular ATP for natural energy
Classically revered as sexual tonic
Balances the immune system
Reduces stress and fatigue
Improves oxygen utilization
Potent anti-oxidant, adaptogen and anti-inflammatory
Greatly enhances athletic performance
Tones kidney yin and yang jing energies




Cordyceps sinensis is one of the oldest Chinese remedies used to boost immunity, combat disease and fatigue, and promote more overall energy. This herb increases those natural “killer” cells in the body that protect and prevent harmful actions from occurring in the body from sicknesses, disease, stress, free radicals to other environmental pollutants. The polysaccharide content is a key component in both the strengthening of the immune system and cordyceps powerful anti-oxidant properties, which help to slow oxidation and aging of the body.

Cordyceps is highly effective in attacking the pathogens that can can wreak havoc on your immune system. It is a leading herb for its energy supplementation, with no contradictions like those you would get with herbs such as ginseng. Cordyceps is used as an energy tonic, for sustainable and lasting all-natural energy, without affecting the heart, as it is used in some cases to nurture and treat the heart. This is truly indicative of cordyceps amazing adaptogenic qualities, making it one of the safest and most effective herbs on the planet, providing absolutely no side effects, as it is naturally non-toxic.

Supplement Facts:

Ingredients: 14:1 Cordyceps Mushroom Extract*
30% polysaccharides, 22% cordycepic acid and 0.15% adenosine
Other Ingredients: None
Container Size: 4 oz. | 112 grams
Serving Size: 1/4 teaspoon
Serving Per Container: 114

Energize and Revitalize with ATP: (adenosine tri-phosphate)

Recent research has confirmed that consuming cordyceps sinensis can be seen to increase both cellular ATP and oxygen utilization. ATP is the molecule that releases energy into our cells. Though we get our energy from proteins and different food sources we ingest, without ATP, the energy would be useless. With more cellular ATP and better oxygen utilization, you are provided with more fuel to burn and more oxygen to fuel it. These harmoniously combine to provide amazing results in physical performance. For athletes or anyone who is physically active, this provides an upgrade in your exercise. This could affect your day-to-day alone, providing more natural and usable energy, making cordyceps a leader in fatigue fighting.

Sex Cells

Cordyceps sinensis has been seen to increase more arterial blood flow, allowing the kidney yin chi to flow and helping to build the yang jing, or sexual essence. It has been used for centuries in China as a sexual tonic, and more recent clinical studies have shown cordyceps as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. Researches have determined that cordyceps stimulates activity in the body similar to that of natural sex hormones in both men and women.

Multifaceted and Full of Intrigue

Cordyceps is truly a comprehensive and diverse tonic herb. It’s been shown to increase lung function, through both altitude stress-resistance and general oxygen utilization; nourish the kidney, by increasing 17-hydroxy-corticosteroid and 17-ketosteroid levels and SOD levels, which help prevent the cells from oxidation (or aging); stabilize the heart beat and correct heart arrhythmia; and increase efficient functioning of the liver. Beyond the physical connection to these organs, cordyceps adopts a more efficient circulation of chi throughout your whole body, which can be seen in an increase in brainpower, a strengthening to your skeletal system, a greater efficiency in healing, a resistance to stress and environmental pollutants, and an all-around attributing factor to your longevity.

Directions: Add 1/4 – 1 teaspoon(more or less depending on your taste and experience level) to 8 oz of hot water. Mix and enjoy. This powder can also be added to smoothies, juices, and protein shakes. Lastly, you can just eat the powder right from the bag as it is a pure extract and ready to consume as is.

*This is not a simple ground up or powdered raw herb. Conversely, our powder is a concentrated extract, meaning the active constituents are extracted from the herb and then concentrated to a 14 to 1 ratio. This ratio means that FOURTEEN pounds of whole herb is concentrated down into one pound of cordyceps sinensis extract, which equates to far more potency and efficacy in less space.

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