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What to Expect in Your Stem Cell Supplement Journey

What to Expect in Your Stem Cell Supplement Journey

While everyone responds differently to supplements, having a general idea of what to expect in your stem cell supplement journey is a good thing.  From detoxification to becoming a fun ball of youthful energy again, we will give you the details.  Let’s take a look at what you can expect when you start a new supplement plan that includes stem cell nutrition.

Picking a Stem Cell Supplement

Picking a supplement specific to your needs is very important.  Some people begin with clearing their minds and getting their focus back.  So, starting with a brain boosting supplement is their first action step.  While it isn’t considered a full on stem cell supplement, it is most certainly a brain cell boosting supplement.  Being able to clear your head and think quickly on your toes again is priceless. Some great Brain Nutrition products we offer include E3Live’s BrainOn and Source Naturals MegaMind.

Okay, so now you are a mental strength master(or mistress) and you are thinking like a rocket scientist, what is next? Pick your supplement based on your needs.  For example, Juventus 30 day is superb detox and ultimate stem cell nutrition. Alternately, Source Naturals Telomeron focuses on protecting the integrity of your DNA telomere structure.  Also, some people prefer a pill form over powder use, so StemEnhance3 might be the path you wish to use.  Regardless of the supplement, do your research.  Make sure you are okay with all the ingredients and there will be no contraindications if you take any over the counter or prescription medications.

Once you have chosen your supplement, you are ready to begin.  One very crucial step to successful cellular rejuvenation? Water water water.  Make sure you are drinking plenty of pure, clean, filtered water.  Remember, our bodies are about 70% water, so the more water you are consuming in a day, the quicker and more effective your supplement will interact with your body.

That being said, we also recommend you increase your fruits, vegetables, nut proteins and other healthy food practices.  You have heard it before: “You are what you eat!” If you want to look and feel like a “french fry”, eat french fries.  If you want to look and feel like a beautiful strong person, you must eat foods that will support your wants.  So eat healthy on this journey.  Stem cell supplements aren’t cheap, so make the most of your hard earned money!  Investing in organic produce, changing up your foods and improving diet is THE BEST WAY to symbiotically increase the effectiveness of stem cell nutrition.

So, now that you have a product, what comes next? Oh, just the detox part…and that is well, individual for everyone.  Read on my health nuts!

Detox and Purification

Week 1

When you begin taking a new stem cell supplement, most people experience detoxification on some level.  This is because(depending also on the type of supplement you are using) your body is extricating the yucky toxins that have built up in your system. For example, if you chose Juventus as your first product, expect detoxification to be more intense; this supplement has been designed in a way to extricate toxins rapidly while simultaneously providing many positive effects! Some immediate positives may be overall sleep improvement and lower blood pressure.  The bottom line is this: when you think about it, us humans eat, drink and breathe in a lot of crap and that builds up over time!  By expecting and preparing for this very important step in the process of cellular rejuvenation, you won’t be alarmed if some bodily things are a little “strange” looking.

From poop to pee, be prepared.  And most of all, don’t worry!  What’s coming out of your body is toxic, so rest assured that after you are finished with this initial detox, you are going to feel more energy, alertness and clear headed.  Again, we stress:  make sure you are drinking plenty of purified water for supreme cleansing and cellular reset.

Some basic detox symptoms you may experience are:

  • Fatigue. Your body is cranking out toxins.  Let it do its job and just go with the “fatigue flow”. Usually, by the fourth day energy is awesome!
  • Strange or intense dreams- this is because your body is resetting back to pre-toxic days. Flying dreams are fun!
  • Acne breakout- Temporary.  It will pass.
  • Bloating and gas/funky looking poops
  • Headaches.  Keep hydrated. Take a magnesium supplement if necessary to help relax those muscles.
  • Change in body odor:  you may smell a little funky!
  • Mood swings-most common to feel a little anxious and depressed.
  • Emotional release
  • Excessive sweating

Just remember that you are going through a transition.  These symptoms will pass and after they do, just think,  now the awesome path of cellular rejuvenation is free and clear of years of toxins, and looking good from the inside out!

What are the Effects of Stem Cell Supplements?

Week 2

By now you feel lighter, headaches are gone and the funky poops and toots have subsided.  Our bet is you shed about 2 or 3 pounds in the first week, perhaps more depending on your body’s beginning toxicity level.  One of the great things about detoxing is minor weight loss due to removing of toxins in your body. Some awesome benefits you may be experiencing include:

  • Increase in the populations of adult stem cells, thereby reducing age-related losses such as bone density and brain tissue
  • Boosting the vigor and health of the cardiovascular system
  • Stabilization of healthy blood glucose levels (that are already in the Normal Range)
  • Stabilization and maintenance of healthy blood pressure (that are already in the Normal Range)
  • Enhanced skin elasticity and tightness to reduce appearance of wrinkles
  • Boosting blood circulation in the brain and promoting neural health
  • Increased strength and endurance in vigorous exercise
  • Increase in overall immune system function and joint health
  • Boosting of healthy kidney, liver, and pancreatic functions
  • Enhances sexual potency and performance
  • Promotes improvements in eyesight and age-related focus on nearby objects
  • Promotes healthy intestines, colon, and bowel regularity

After your initial detox in Week one is complete, many internal organs have renewed energy and function.  Think of it this way, for years you had a 10-pound weight on your stomach.  You carried this weight around for years and it has slowed you down. NOW, when you take the weight off, all of a sudden, your mid-section is “Free”; it feels light and can once again function normally.  We encourage you to actually do this so you can feel what it’s like to have 10 extra pounds just hanging out on top of your stomach.  Think of the weight as your toxins.  Once you rid yourself of this weight, your organs will be able to perform their functions efficiently.

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You will continue to see and feel increased energy, focus, and clarity. Positive changes in digestive functions and other internal organ functions, improved biochemical balance and a general balancing out of metabolic systems are other benefits. Remember to keep up the good work with your diet and water intake!  Crucial!

Week 4

By this time, you should be feeling pretty great.  Your skin enters a glow phase.  Skin breakouts have cleared up and your visage is looking glorious.  You are now entering the wonderful satisfaction phase, where all your dedication to detoxing, cleansing, changing your diet, increasing your water intake and any other positive changes, these are all beginning to come to fruition.  This is the time in your journey where people ask you things like, “Wow, you seem to have so much more energy, and your skin looks so beautiful.  What ARE you doing?” And that’s when you get to say, “Stem Cell Nutrition!”.

What is Cellular Rejuvenation?

Month 2

After the initial month, and in the months following, it is essential to maintain (and even adding to your program) all your positive changes.  While you probably feel like a million dollars, you aren’t done yet! Stem cell nutrition reprograms your cellular structure back to your youthful state; in order to achieve cellular rejuvenation, you must be diligent in the second month of your program. Here is why:  while some of your organs like your skin, hair, nails and other visible body parts are glowing and beaming, remember our insides take longer to rejuvenate.  Did you know that we need a full 90 days to completely regenerate the liver? Exactly.  So keep up the good work.  You are on your way.

Month 3

Maintenance. You’ve got this down now!  Keep up the good work.  AFTER MONTH 3(90 day marker), your liver organ should be functioning very well.  And remember, apart from the heart, the liver is the most used organ in your body.  So, know this:  by rejuvenating your liver to its optimal function, all other aspects of your bodily functions will be firing up like crazy!  Need some tips on how to push yourself further? Check out our blog about Functional Fitness.  And now your reward:  Congratulations, your insides are rejuvenated!

Month 4

Going into month four, we encourage you to consider a switch up of your supplementation.  The reason? To prevent the body from acclimating to one particular product and it becoming less effective.  Much like people who only do one type of exercise (like running on a treadmill), in order to get stronger, you must vary your exercises.  Otherwise, you just “wear away” the muscle group that is being overused from only one exercise type.  Therefore, you must also “trick” your body with new types of nutrition and supplements.  This prevents your body from “getting too comfortable” and more importantly, cellular senescence. Learn what Wikipedia has to say about cellular senescence.

Stem Cell Supplement Choices

stem cell supplements, cellular rejuvenation, stem cell supplementBy incorporating new and different types of stem cell supplements, you are continually “surprising” your body.  New and improved fuel will prevent cellular senescence, which is the ultimate precursor to disease and decay. We have many different types of both stem cell supplements and brain nutrition products.  We encourage you to pick one that matches your program and life goals.  Check out our selection of Stem Cell Supplements today.