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Aging | Stem Cell Nutrition

As we age, while our mentality might still be like we are 25, our bodies are speaking a different language: wear, tear and breakdown. And when our bodies speak, we must listen or face the consequences later in life. Why does body breakdown happen?  Is there a way to slow the process?  Is there maybe a way to even reverse some signs of physical aging? We sure believe there is a way, especially where there is a strong will and desire for health. Perhaps the answer for Eternal “Internal” Youth lies in our nutrients, and what we feed our body and mind.  Let’s examine the Aging Stem Cell Nutrition connection.

What is Stem Cell Nutrition?

yoga stem cell nutrition, stem cell nutrition, benefits of stem cell nutrition, how to increase stem cells, aging stem cell nutritionFirst things first:  Stem cell nutrition (SCN) focuses on your cellular health and the balancing of the interrelated metabolic systems of the body. SCN is the process of fueling the body with specific nutritional supplements which help promote the natural migration (exiting from a specific area of the body and traveling to another part of the body) of the body’s own unassigned adult stem cells from the bone marrow to the rest of the body, thereby increasing the overall stem cell count within the body. What you put into your body as nourishment truly does matter.

You can read more about the basics of Stem Cell Nutrition here.

Aging Stem Cell Nutrition Connection

Why should you care about this subject and what is the Aging Stem Cell Nutrition connection? Let’s dive in.

As we age, the natural production and circulation of stem cells in our bodies begins to decrease.  By age 40, our stem cell production and count has dropped by about 45%. This depends on a variety of factors from overall health, diet, exercise and genetics. The bottom line? If you want to continue looking and feeling great, staying active, taking stem cell supplements and implementing an organic, green inspired, healthy diet will greatly aid in the maintenance of your overall health. Fueling your mind and body with the right stuff is key.

Okay, so what if you’re not 40 or even 50 anymore? Fast forward to age 60, when new stem cell production is on average, only 10% of what it was when we were 25.  Your body needs some help producing stem cells then, right? Right.  In our 60’s, we stop producing stem cells efficiently and plentifully.  Less stem cell production equals more body breakdown, sickness, disease, injury and chronic pain issues. And, while ultimately, aging is what it is, the more uncomplicated aging we can achieve, the better.  Let’s discuss how stem cell nutrition can help you age gracefully.

How does Stem Cell Nutrition Help Fight Aging?

Uncomplicated aging can be best defined as aging without any major health issues throughout your life span; this is the goal for every health oriented, fitness guru out there.  The aging stem cell nutrition connection to uncomplicated aging? Quite simply, regardless of your actual age, when you fuel your body with nutrients that promote stem cell production and release, you’re giving your cellular and metabolic structures a boost- power- fuel:  all the right stuff.  You are giving your body the nutrients necessary to produce and release cells just like they were doing inside your body 20 years ago.  The Effect? “Reverse aging” (internally) and organ cleansing, which gives rise to more energy, vitality, youthful glow and cellular rejuvenation.

Think about this:  Why does a seemingly healthy older person get diseases of the organs? Because the organ stops functioning properly. Why was the organ not functioning properly?  Because it was abused, misused, overused, left unchecked, NOT repaired, NOT cleansed, NOT pampered.  Essentially, ZERO preventative care. Neglect and abuse cause breakdown and disease. Now let’s discuss how to help prevent organ breakdown.

Organ Health | Stem Cell Nutrition

Here is a quick example of organ health 101: your skin is your biggest organ and how you care for it impacts its appearance greatly. Have you ever wondered why some people have gorgeous skin while others don’t? The people with glowing skin pay attention to their skin needs. When you don’t care for your skin properly, what are the consequences? It gets dried out, looks “crepe” like, wrinkles appear, sagging, lesions develop, acne, scars and the worst ultimate yuck, skin cancer. Taking simple steps to properly care for your skin can prevent many of these negative effects. So it is paramount to be diligent in caring for your skin (and all our other organs!) or face the consequences later.

What’s it like to begin a stem cell nutrition regime?  You can read all about it here on what to expect in your stem cell nutrition journey.

How Can Stem Cell Nutrition Positively Affect the Aging Body?

Cause and Effect:  Better Nutrition=Better Body Function.

As we have learned, stem cell production begins to drop with age; however, by using a stem cell supplement, staying on top of diet and incorporating nutritious foods into your daily health regime, you can boost your stem cell production and overall stem cell count.  Why? Well, cause and effect come into play here.  When you fuel your body with nutrients that promote stem cell production, the effect becomes a stronger, healthier you.  Stem Cell Nutrition (and nutrition in general) does not recognize “age”; it recognizes cellular structures. Therefore, implementing SCN into your diet will catapult your body function and rejuvenate both your internal and external organs. Stop trying to think of any fitness or health choice as a means to an end.  The rewards are far beyond that of attaining the long sought after beach body.  Instead, think, “I love my healthy lifestyle! I feel amazing and I am continually rejuvenating my body:  my liver, lungs, kidneys, eyes, skin, hair and so much more. All through proper nutrition, diet, exercise and supplementation”. See, now didn’t that feel great to say?

Using Stem Cell Nutrition to Stay Active Despite Age:
Baby Boomers Still Going for the Gold

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An “all smiles” Paul Miller, age 59, runs the 2017 Denver Colfax Marathon.

These days, many people are staying active into their 90’s and beyond.  That’s because we are getting smarter with our health habits. We have learned about different diet and exercise requirements needed for healthy senior living and we have begun to incorporate age appropriate exercises for aging individuals, like functional fitness, tai chi, yoga and so much more.  This visible health shift is an amazing breakthrough and is a first in today’s society. Seeing the older generation of Americans remaining active and fit means more and more people will stay healthier, longer.

Health for Life is here.  Baby Boomers catapulted the fitness revolution back in the 1980s, and now, as they approach retirement age, those fitness frenzied boomers are still enjoying the perks of physical activity because of their continual dedication to health and wellness.  As we have learned, one of the best ways you can remain active into your later years is to eat right and exercise.  Take Paul Miller for instance.  Paul is 59 years of age and runs marathons like a rock star. In addition to using a stem cell supplement, Paul also eats organically, lifts weights and is an avid Yogi. He is a firm believer in positivity and staying mentally fit. WOW! We want you all to be like Paul and walk (or run!) in his footsteps. It is because of people like Paul that our society will continue to learn how to be the best we can be, despite aging.
Go Paul, you rock star you!

The Stem Cell Nutrition Lifestyle

Begin a stem cell nutrition lifestyle today and not only will your reap the rewards now, but for years to come.  Remember, what you eat your body uses to transform your cells to actual body tissue. When you eat the things that are most healthy and nutritious, your body will BE healthy and nutritious. Keep in mind, aging stem cell nutrition and fitness programs aren’t necessarily different from any other SCN program, except instead of lifting that 25 pound dumb bell, you will opt for a lighter, 5 pound weight, train with just a little more grace and care and get in the habit of mindful exercise. When we are mindful of our movements, we are more likely to stay healthy and less likely to injure ourselves. Incorporating gentle forms of exercise such as Tai Chi, Yoga and Functional Fitness are fantastic ways to stay active and keep your body moving.

When you treat your body right, from fuel (FOOD!) to exercise, expect good things to happen. Stem cell supplements enable you to reach your long-term wellness goals. They enable you to maintain your health goals and life choices.  We encourage you to incorporate a stem cell supplement into your daily wellness regimen for optimal and uncomplicated aging.

In order to be a healthy Centenarian, you must not give up on yourself.  Treat every day as an opportunity to maintain your health and you are on the right path of achieving Centenarian Status!

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