Functional Fitness and Stem Cell Nutrition

Functional fitness:  you have probably heard this buzzword recently.  What is functional fitness? Why is it important? How is it related to stem cell nutrition?  Let’s take a look at this and investigate how stem cell supplements can help fuel a great functional fitness regime.

What is functional fitness?

Functional fitness is a mild form of exercise that uses and trains major muscles to do everyday activities safely and efficiently.  As we age, it is imperative to keep our bodies in the best physical and mental state possible.  Functional fitness is definitely a great low impact type of exercise that can keep one in shape. There are many types of functional fitness exercises. Additionally, many comprehensive physical movements found in both yoga and tai chi practices have different combo exercises that can help build a strong functional fitness regime.

Functional fitness works major muscles together to train your body to respond awesomely when doing daily activities. It is also amazing for working on and maintaining great balance.  For example, when you bend over to grab the newspaper on the front porch, how do you bend over? From where are you bending? Does it hurt or pinch? Are you afraid that you might “put your back out” or something similar?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to start a functional fitness regime!

The newspaper grab is an easy example; however, there are many activities that we do every day that are similar in movement and which require good balance. If we are careless, those simple activities can cause injury.  Through functional fitness, we train our bodies to be prepared for these daily scenarios.  And when we mindfully train our bodies for daily “grind” activities, the body will indeed respond positively thus help prevent injury.

Here are some simple functional fitness moves.  If you do not have weights, an easy replacement is a soup can. And don’t worry, if you need to start out with no weights, that is all good! Just get your body moving!

  • Stretching before and after a functional fitness routine is KEY
  • Traditional lunges
  • Reverse lunges
  • Multi-directional lunges
  • traditional squats
  • Diagonal reach with a medicine ball
  • bicep curls standing on one leg or climbing stairs
  • Medicine ball squat with an overhead lift
  • Hip extension with reverse fly
  • Knee Lifts with a lateral raise (light weights)
  • Torso rotation with medicine ball, sitting on floor or standing
  • Supine bridge with or without arm extensions
  • Awkward pose- yoga
  • Half moon pose- yoga
  • Upward facing dog- yoga
  • Downward facing dog- yoga
  • Seated supine twist
  • Hero’s pose- yoga

Check it out!  You can read more about the Yoga Stem Cell Nutrition connection.

Why do you need functional fitness?

Functional fitness is needed to: stay fit, stay flexible, maintain excellent balance, prevent injury, keep your joints and muscles strong and ensure all of your body parts are staying active and in use.  Remember the old saying, “if you don’t use it, you lose it”?  This statement is as true today as it was 50 years ago.  So USE IT USE IT USE IT! Your entire body will say, gee, thank you!

functional fitness, stem cell supplements, stem cell nutrition, what is functional fitness   Benefits of Functional Fitness

  • increased blood flow
  • improved flexibility
  • increased energy, vitality and endurance
  • increased strength
  • muscle tone
  • creating safe muscle memory movement
  • lower stress levels
  • greater confidence to perform daily tasks
  • brightened mood
  • faster reaction times
  • improved joint function
  • spinal decompression

Functional Fitness | Stem Cell Nutrition

So, now that we have talked the benefits of functional fitness, what is the connection between fitness and stem cell nutrition? Here is the important connection. Nutritional stem cell supplements work best with an “activating” catalyst like “functional fitness” and here’s why: when you are exercising and all of the above benefits are occurring simply from movement and exercise, adding the proper stem cell supplement and taking it at the right time of day will greatly increase all of the above mind and body benefits. Why? A clinical study performed on the effectiveness of one stem cell supplement showed participants had major increases in blood flow and an impressive 25% increase in circulating stem cells after 60 minutes of ingestion.  Click here to learn all about stem cells.

We encourage you to also find a way to enhance your fitness efforts through natural stem cell supplements because let’s face it, as we age, we need all the help we can get!  As we age, our bodies become less efficient at reproducing the stem cells which rejuvenate us; specifically, our DNA telomeres can become damaged over time.  Cell division and replication are essential to life. Telomeres are pieces of DNA at the ends of chromosomes that protect our cells in this process. They become shorter as our cells age. Emerging science suggests shortened telomeres may be associated with negative aspects of aging, such as cessation of cell growth and diminished cellular function.  If left unchecked, what we end up with by the time we are 65 years old is a shortened, damaged DNA structure. And, when you are replicating a damaged DNA chain, what do you think that means for your body?

Damaged cells are suspected to be a major root cause of disease and decline in health.  Fortunately, due to advances in science, there are amazing stem cell supplements which help prevent the telomeres from further damage.  We hope you will consider implementing them into your daily health regime as well as the above functional fitness moves.

Stem Cell Supplements

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Connect the dots!  Fuel your body right for optimal results.