Titanium™ Maeng Da Capsules


All Natural Pain Support
Mood Support & Elevation
Natural Energy Support
Natural Stress Support
Helps with chronic pain due to injury or other aches
Effective with both chronic and/or acute pain

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Titanium Capsules- Premium Maeng Da

Get your ultimate body vibe going with the finest in kratom capsules.  These capsules are made from the finest Maeng Da kratom Leaf and are simply fantastic.  Titanium is well known for its efficacy and positive mood shifting capabilities. In addition, kratom capsules wonderful pain relieving and muscle relaxing qualities can be used easily and conveniently. Each pack contains 30 capsules.  For a stronger effect enjoy 8 to 10 caps, last 4-6 hours.  Perfect for those needing to help chronic pain(back, neck, joint stiffness, post workout pain, arthritis), stress, anxiety or depression.  It is also fantastic for a feel good afternoon or day.  Lower capsule use generally produces more stimulant/energy effects while higher capsule use generally causes more analgesic effects.  Please note, every person is different regarding use.  Please use caution when using.

Product Benefits:
kratom capsulesKratom capsules are convenient and portable
900mg per capsule(total weight)
Capsules are odorless and tasteless
Long-lasting analgesic(pain relieving) and relaxing effects
Perfect for persons seeking all-natural solutions
Zip lock Re-sealable package

Ingredients:  Pure Mitragyna Speciosa Leaf

Titanium kratom capsules:  $38.99 per package 
Titanium 5 pack:  $175.95
Titanium 10 pack: $347.00 

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